Slack Integrations

Some fun integrations to setup and use with your Slack workspaces.

EM Slack Tableflip

EM Slack Tableflip

Let’s flip some tables!

Built using emojis from here, here, and here. Easily flip all kinds of tables to express your joy, frustration, rage, etc. via a simple slash command.

EM Slack Roll

EM Slack Roll

Roll ​1-100 dice​ with ​4-100 sides​ via the /roll slash command.

By default, it will roll a single 6-sided die. You can ask to roll multiple dice with multiple sides, e.g. “/roll 4d10” will roll 4 10-sided dice. Additionally you can roll dice and add or subtract a modifier, e.g. “/roll 2d6+3”. The roll results will be displayed and summed up for you.

EM Slack French Toast

Get French Toast Alerts on Slack so you know exactly when to rush to the store.

Alerts generated using data from Universal Hub’s French Toast Alert System.

EM Slack Beer Alerts

Send new beer alerts to your Slack based on tweets from your favorite breweries!

Must be manually configured with with Twitter access, and an event trigger using a service such as IFTTT.

EM Slack Party Parroter

Add Party Parrots to your Slack team’s custom emoji library.

Built using the official Cult of the Party Parrot GIFs.