EM Plex Updater

A python-based updater for Plex Media Server on Linux systems.

Basic Setup

  1. Open the sample_config.yml file in your favorite text editor.

  2. Read through each of the options and update/change them as needed.

  3. Save the file as config.yml and move it to:


    Note: You will need to create the plex-updater (and potentially the .config) folder ahead of time. mkdir -p ~/.config/plex-updater

  4. From within the em-plex-updater folder, run:

    plex_updater.py -c

    Check the output of this command for any errors or warnings related to your configuration.

You can also run plex_updater.py -h at any time to view additional script options.

Automatic Updates via Cron

A simple way to set up automatic updates is via cron. Below are some examples:

0 3 * * 0,3 root /path/to/em-plex-updater/plex_updater.py

This will run the updater script automatically every Sunday and Wednesday at 3:00 AM.

If you want to log the output of the script to a file, try using this format:

0 3 * * 0,3 root /path/to/em-plex-updater/plex_updater.py >> /path/to/logfile.log 2>&1

Note: Make sure the user running the script running has permission to install packages via RPM/DPKG


DownloadReleased 07/25/16

Fixing broken installation process


DownloadReleased 07/07/16

Updated script to work with the new Plex API


DownloadReleased 01/25/16

Fixed issue with broken subprocess calls to DPKG and RPM


DownloadReleased 12/29/15

Initial release.

A simple script to update Plex Media Server on Linux systems.

Project Development

If you’d like to help develop this project or use parts of it for your own, email me and I can add you as a collaborator.

A python-based updater for Plex Media Server on Linux systems

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