EM Downpour Downloader

Download Downpour.com audiobook files.


  1. Download EM Downpour Downloader from the GitHub repository:

    git clone https://github.com/ErinMorelli/em-downpour-downloader.git

  2. Navigate into the folder created by step 1 and install the required python packages by running pip:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Create the downpour-downloader folder in your home .config directory:

    mkdir -p ~/.config/downpour-downloader

  4. Open the sample_config.yml file with your favorite text editor and configure to suit your needs.

  5. Save the file as config.yml and move it to the downpour-downloader folder you created in step 2:

    mv config.yml ~/.config/downpour-downloader/config.yml

  6. Run the help command to make sure everything is working and to view the script’s options:

    ./downpour.py --help

Command-line Usage

EM Downpour Download has three commands you can use to view and download your audiobook files:


View a list of all available audiobooks associated with your Downpour account:

./downpour.py library

Book Information

View additional information about a specific book by providing the book’s ID, which is listed in the library command’s output:

./downpour.py book abc1


Download an audiobook’s files by providing the ID:

./downpour.py download abc1

To download multiple audiobooks at once, you can specify additional ID values separated by a space:

./downpour.py download abc1 def2 ghi3


Downpour.com and Downpour are trademarks of Blackstone Audio, Inc., which is not affiliated with the maker of this product and does not endorse this product.

EM Downpour Downloader is free, open source software and is distributed under the MIT license.


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Initial release

Project Development

If you’d like to help develop this project or use parts of it for your own, email me and I can add you as a collaborator.

Download Downpour.com audiobook files.

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