EM Beer Manager

Manage your beers with WordPress. Integrates simply with Untappd beer checkins. Great for everyone from home brewers to professional breweries!

EM Beer Manager

This plugin allows beer creators from home brewers to professional breweries to easily manage and display their beers. Includes a comprehensive beer management section with a variety of options, including:

  • A custom beer “style” taxonomy for classifying your beers pre-populated with styles from Untappd
  • A customizable “group” taxonomy for categorizing and grouping your beers
  • “Menu” taxonomy and shortcode for creating and displaying beer menus
  • Shortcodes and template tags for displaying all or a select number of beers
  • Custom meta boxes to store detailed information about each beer, including ABV, IBU, and ingredients
  • Beer check-in and rating integration with Untappd
  • A “Beer List” widget for simply displaying your beers in sidebars
  • A “Recent Check-Ins” widget for displaying recent beer check-ins for your brewery on Untappd
  • Custom page display for beers and styles
  • [Beta] Import and sync your brewery’s beers directly from Untappd
  • [Beta] Import and sync your beers and menus from Untappd for Business

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