DLM Changelog Add-on

An add-on for Mike Jolley’s Download Monitor which adds version changelog functionality.


Use this shortcode to display a DLM Download’s changelog in your posts or pages:

[dlm_changelog id={DLM Download ID}]

To paginate the changelog’s output, use the optional show attribute with the number of versions you want displayed on each page:

[dlm_changelog id={DLM Download ID} show="5"]


Use the community support forums for this plugin for questions that are specific to DLM Changelog Add-on. For support questions specific to other aspects of the Download Monitor plugin, please visit it’s support forum or log a bug on the DLM GitHub.


  • The DLM Changelog admin area

How do I add changelog version notes?

Go to “Downloads” then “Changelogs” in the WordPress admin. Select the download you wish to add/edit the changelog for from the dropdown. Under the “Notes” column of the download’s Changelog table, click inside the area where your pre-existing notes are or where it says “Click to add notes”. An inline text editor will appear for you to use. Click “Save” to save your note. Basic HTML, such as italics, bold, underline, and ordered/unordered lists is able to be used in this text area.

How do I display a changelog on my site?

Use the [dlm_changelog id={DLM Download ID}] shortcode inside the WordPress page editor to display your changelog.

How do I disable pagination?

Set the [dlm_changelog] show attribute to 0, or don’t set it at all:

[dlm_changelog id={DLM Download ID}]


[dlm_changelog id={DLM Download ID} show="0"]


Download – Released 04/19/16

  • Added simple success/error notifications for save events


Download – Released 01/23/16

  • Fixed issue where not all published downloads were showing in admin dropdown


Download – Released 01/23/16

  • Added TinyMCE inline WYSIWYG editor to changelog admin
  • Lots of under-the-hood code improvements and cleanup


Download – Released 02/09/15

  • Fixed issue with plugin breaking on Download Monitor upgrade


Download – Released 10/29/13

  • Fixed jQuery pagination issue with shortcode output


Download – Released 10/16/13

  • Initial plugin release

Project Development

If you’d like to help develop this plugin or use parts of it for your own, email me and I can add you as a collaborator.


An add-on for Mike Jolley's Download Monitor which adds version changelog functionality.

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